Launch Date

Our launch date was on December 15th in 2018. We launched from the Mahia Peninsula, which is on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. Our satellite called home, and we are excited for what comes next. Become our Space Embassador.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and unite individuals across the world to pursue careers in STEM fields, and find new methods of space propulsion. It is our mission to share our experiences and research with you. We look forward to partnering with you.

Get Involved

We are excited to involve you in our project at many different levels. Whether you are a school, an individual, or a satellite enthusiast we will have many ways for you to be involved in this project. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Satellite Overview
Project DaVinci's satellite

Project DaVinci’s mission is to light up minds around the world using a satellite that anyone can use. The satellite will be a 3U, or three unit, satellite that is 4”x4”x12”. This satellite will have the standard capability to communicate with a ground station and any receiver kits tuned to receive the correct frequency. The satellite will also be blazing the trail for internet in space with the first satellite to satellite internet communication using GlobalStar. Project DaVinci’s satellite will have the added capability to take pictures and send them back to the ground station where the team will upload them to this website for public use.
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Lighting up minds around the world

Project DaVinci is a team of high school students in rural North Idaho working with the community’s best mentors to launch a SATELLITE! As the only high school chosen by NASA to launch in 2017, the team is looking to connect everyone to space again.“We are determined to reignite the magic of the Apollo days,” said team member Joe Broder. The team has recognized the lack of enthusiasm shown towards space in the recent years and aims to use tools such as social media and virtual reality to give students and individuals alike a personal connection with space.
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GlobalStar: Internet in Space
What if you could tweet from SPACE!

The Project DaVinci satellite will allow you to accomplish that and more. The team has partnered with GlobalStar, a subscription based internet service that uses satellites to allow users to access the internet nearly everywhere on Earth. The Project DaVinci satellite will be doing something very different though- it will be connecting with GlobalStar is space! Project Davinci is the first group to have a satellite connect with the GlobalStar Satellite in Space. This is a satellite to satellite connection instead of the standard satellite to ground connection. With this internet connection in space, Project DaVinci’s satellite will tackle the first Bitcoin transaction in space, and bring space to the general public by allowing users to upload social media while the satellite is in orbit.

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Radio Frequency Communication
Project DaVinci ground station

From the Project DaVinci ground station, the team can control messages sent and received to and from the satellite. The team is partnering with schools around the world and, using a radio receiver dongle (left), students can receive messages and informational packets from our satellite. Using specific frequencies such as 145.1 MHz (uplink) and 436.5 MHz (downlink), the team can upload information to the satellite and those with a receiver dongle can receive the information and decipher it. This information will include the “health” of the satellite as well as an inspirational message to students encouraging them to pursue their dreams in STEM related fields.

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